Teknikproffset.eu - "Your department store online!"

Teknikproffset.eu is an e-commerce department store mainly focused on consumer electronics and accessories. We are active throughout the Nordic region and have a wide range of gadgets, such as, quality home electronics, everyday technology, sports equipment and beauty items can be found.

In addition to the desire to offer a wide range of products, we place an incredible focus on keeping prices as low as possible. All in the hope of creating satisfied customers and contributing to a better overall experience for each individual consumer.

Since electronics can sometimes be unpredictable and hard to understand, Teknikproffset offers customer service via both e-mail and chat to be able to quickly assist questioning customers with professional answers.

The business was founded in Gothenburg in 2009 and has since developed explosively.

Teknikproffset.eu has today been around for over 10 years and has over 1 400 000 registered customers.

Today, Teknikproffset.eu has an annual turnover of over 20 million (EUR) and is one of the country's cheapest, highest rated online stores in the industry.

Our head office with customer service, purchasing, marketing, IT, finance and administration is located in Landvetter outside Gothenburg.
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Teknikproffset Nordic AB, corporate identity number: 556998-9329 and VAT number: SE556998932901