GEAR Glass Prot. Flat Case Friendly 2.5D GOLD Samsung A22 5G

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Display protection of hardened grease-rejection 2.5D glass

  • Ultra-thin 0.3 mm glass layer
  • Fat-repellent surface treatment
  • Impact resistant dispersion layer

Protects your device's screen from bumps and strokes with 9H tempered glass. Ultra-thin 0.3 mm glass layer that provides a scratch-resistant screen that protects your device's original screen so that the device looks like new much longer. It is easy to apply without bubbles. The cured glass protects against scratches and absorbs shocks so that the glass does not shatter. It is designed to fit perfectly even if you have your device in a case or bag.
The tempered glass has four layers
Fat-repellent surface treatment (Anti fingerprint)
Hardened glass
Impact resistant dispersion layer (prevents cracking)
The package contains
Tempered glass screen protector
Dust absorber
Wet / dry cleaning

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