3-pakkaus Screen protector karkaistua lasia 2,5D Samsung Galaxy M31S / S20 FE 5G / S20FE / A51 / A51 5G / A54 5G:lle.

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Tempered glass with high 9H hardness perfectly protects the phone screen. Provides image clarity, oleophobic coating provides resistance to fingerprints and dirt. The glass is thin and durable, and its thickness is only 0,3 mm. After sticking the phone retains its tactile properties. The adhesive on the entire surface prevents dust and dirt from accumulating under the glass. The edges of the glass are rounded, which guarantees safe use. The product is intended only for phones with a flat screen.
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    Puhelimen malli: Galaxy A51 , Galaxy A51 5G , Galaxy A54 5G , Galaxy M31S , Galaxy S20 FE 5G , Galaxy S20FE
    Tuotetyyppi: Näytönsuoja
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