SANUS TV-mount Fixed Max Vesa 600x400 42-90" Black

Tuotenro: C12318
Toimitusaika:  Tilapäisesti loppu
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A SANUS fixed wall mount with stable construction and dependable nature. Perfect for large TVs.

  • Designed for larger TVs
  • Solid and thoughtfully designed
  • Easy cable access
  • Adjust the TV sideways, even after mounting
  • Ensures that the TV is securely mounted

This wall mount from the SANUS premium series is designed for larger TVs, from 42 "up to 90". The flexible VESA mounts cover just about every pattern from 200x100 all the way up to 600x400.

There are few wall mounts with the construction and dependable nature like this one. It is not only solid, but the design is thoughtfully designed, making the process of installation as hassle-free as possible. An example of this is that the cables are easy to access, even after installation.

Once the TV has been mounted on the wall mount, it can be adjusted from side to side to achieve a perfect positioning on the wall. There is also a safety tab on the wall mount that provides a safe and easy connection you can hear.


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