SANUS VUEPOINT TV-mount Fixed 47-90" Black

Tuotenro: C12320
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A strong and durable wall mount that maximize the sleek, thin look of the TV.

  • Optimal mount for ultra-thin TVs
  • Adjust the TV sideways, even after mounting
  • Locking system secures your TV to the wall
  • Suitable for TVs up to 58.97kg
  • Easy to install

Free up more space in the living room by mounting the TV on the wall, with this superior VuePoint wall mount from SANUS. It is suitable for TVs between 47" and 90" weighing up to 58.97kg. Its low-profile design sits just 2.41cm from the wall that makes it great for ultra-thin TVs.

This wall mount is solid and has a well-thought-out design, making the process of installation as hassle-free as possible. An example of this is that the wall mount has a latch that keeps the TV securely mounted on the wall. After mounting, it is also possible to do levelling adjustments of the TV and adjust it sideways for perfect positioning on the wall.


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