RAPID Häftpistol R13E

Tuotenro: C12045
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Toimitusaika:  3-7 arkipäivää
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Rapid R13E Staple Gun

  • For finewire staple No. 13, 4-10 mm
  • Ergonomic handle with lock function for easy storage
  • All-steel wear parts inside
  • Made in Sweden
  • 3 year guarantee

Light, easy to handle staple gun for home projects or easier professional jobs. Made in tough, robust plastic, DIY and home craftsmen appreciate features such as high performance, light weight, long working life and its ability to cope with regular use. The R13E is also suitable for users with smaller hands. Ideal for furniture upholstery, decorative work with diverse textile types or fastening of quilts, posters or leather.

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